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The Enterprise Scrumban Recruiting Model

A high-level overview of the model

Collaborative sourcing and interviewing process: We work with Talent Acquisition teams and hiring managers, to provide a transparent sourcing and vetting process along with working together on establishing interview best practices with hiring managers and respective team members.


What Fuels Kaizen RaaS

If Agile is the answer to cruical software development questions in delivery, why can’t it be the resolution to the teams delivering solutions to companies focused on technology hiring?

Using Agile as a foundation, Kaizen’s Recruiting-as-a-Service model (Kaizen RaaS) solves one of enterprise companies’ main issues today: hiring good talent, quickly, and at scale. It is an embedded recruiting model to serve companies in need of agility for the hiring on a mass scale.

Key rituals are set in place in order to make the scrum framework successful in any complex environment. Therefore, in the Scrumban Recruiting Model, elements of Scrum are evident throughout the process to bring efficiency, speed, and transparency.


Backlogging & Prioritizing

Proper Scrum & Kanban environments start with proper preparation. We take the same approach within our recruiting efforts in properly forecasting and planning with the hiring team on the role(s) needed. Kaizen Talent believes that working alongside hiring teams in creating priority on projected roles will allow all hiring to be done more efficiently. Remember, our goal is better. Some of the things that the guide provides to make things better for all are some artifacts seen similarly in Scrum today.


Kanban Strategies

Hiring is tough; To address all of the chaos that can come with hiring, the Scrum framework must blend with Kanban strategies. Central to its definition is the concept of “flow.” To opimize flow in hiring, the workflow must be defined & Kanban practices are set in the process.

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