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Kaizen exists to: think differently; disrupt recruiting norms; continuously improve, and ultimately succeed with speed.




Why Us?

Our mission is to improve the hiring landscape and bring career/business goals to life to our clients in the Technical & Healthcare industries. At Kaizen we believe that our focus on being agile in our approach, our dedication to continously learning and improving our processes to meet our client’s needs, and our willingness to go above and beyond the statues quo for the people we serve is what sets us apart. We strive to be the people you trust to care about your recruitment process the way you do.


Our Principles

Disrupt Recruiting

We exist to disrupt your traditional recruiting & hiring patterns that aren't serving your goals. Our mission is to change the landscape and make everyone's experience better.

Continuous Improvement

Kaizen means "change for good". Continuous improvement runs through our company veins. It is even in our name.


Transparency is the main component of all our conversations. Whether it is through our internal channels or through our unique client portal when we see a potential opportunity for you, you see it too.

Be Wildly Curious

Curiosity drives our conversations, motives, campaigns, and outreaches. We will ask questions and work in child-like curiosity, all for the sake of making your experience better.

Show Value, Be Value

To be valued, we must first be of value. From our daily conversations to our approach to finding the most niche talent, we keep one thing constant: Provide value to the people we serve above all.

Pragmatism Over Process

Having a process is important, but being pragmatic and practical is how we move the needle. We lean in with a bias towards successful action over following company red tape. Time is of the essence, and your career is our imperative.


Service: Straightforward & Proven Recruitment Model

Enterprise Scrumban Recruiting Model Diagram

Test Our Unique & Transparent Search Service - Kaizen RaaS.

Use our proprietary Kaizen RaaS that provides agility to mass hiring.
At Kaizen we use the Scrumban Recruitment Model to support and meet the recruitment needs of our clients. With a straightforward approach, this proven model allows us to be agile throughout the entirety of the recruitment process. We’ll work to clearly layout our recruitment model and how it can strategically work to address the challenges your team is facing in the mass hiring process.

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